Julie Daffourd

Co-founder & Owner

Passionate about art and entrepreneurship, Julie became a valued member of the board and investment committee of the family holding company in 2020. Additionally, since 2023, she has been serving as the CEO of Kastel.co

Julie Daffourd

Julie, a student-entrepreneur in Management License at the Faculty of Montpellier (Moma), has a background in art history from ICP (2019-2021) and is certified in the HEC X Entrepreneurs program.

Growing up in a family of creatives, Julie has always been drawn to her father's entrepreneurial ventures around the world, which fostered her passion for art, travel, and creation in the broadest sense.

Julie's youth was marked by her travels and involvement in various associative and creative projects. In 2019, she founded the Eyes Land agency, producing and directing short films for luxury brands (Charles Jourdan), artists (Coste & Billy), and Forbes magazine.

In 2020, Julie became a member of the board and investment committee of the family holding Daffourd Invest, of which she is a co-founder and co-owner since 2015. Her portfolio includes over 50 startups, including 4 exits (2022).

Within the startup studio of the Daffourd Invest Holding (builded in 2022), Julie spent over a year building Kastel.co, a proptech company that aligns with her core values and brings together her passions and areas of expertise.

After assembling a team of twenty talents for the project, Julie Daffourd now serves as co-CEO of Kastel.co

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