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Anne Simonot

Anne Simonot began her career in the health and well-being sector and has since spent over two decades in business development, large account management, and startup partnerships. 

With a deep passion for people, well-being, and natural health, Anne dedicated 15 years of her life to helping others. She managed a paramedical health establishment for 12 years before moving on to social and solidarity innovation for the Mutualité Française in 2016. This experience reinforced her desire to effect change through innovation, leading her to collaborate with three successful startups, including one that exited, where she met her future co-founders of

Since 2022, Anne has been involved in the creation of proptech within the startup studio of family holding Daffourd Invest, as it aligns with her values, ambitions, and personal objectives. This entrepreneurial adventure is family-oriented, socially responsible, and innovative, designed to serve the financial well-being of its clients.

After bringing together a team of twenty talented individuals, Anne Simonot now serves as Director of Partnerships at

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