The Na&Ja Box, a box that creates intergenerational links.


About the company

The objective of the Naja Box is to support the younger generations in their approach to strengthening the intergenerational link by offering them a subscription to a solidarity and innovative box to get closer to their elders.


Testimony of Alexandre, CEO Milvue

The Daffourd Invest holding joined the Na&Ja adventure several months ago and its help has been extremely beneficial in the development of our structure.

Daffourd is a benevolent and ambitious senior advisor who supports and advises us in the key stages of our development.

He is also present on a daily basis and supports us on various and varied themes.

His knowledge of the world of pensions and health has been a huge plus for us and he never hesitates to put us in contact with the right people. Thanks to him, we had the chance to present Na&Ja to the Allianz accelerator in Nice, which allowed us to meet great people and was a very rewarding experience!

Through his generosity, his positive spirit and his passion for various subjects, Daffourd motivates us and makes us want to go even further.